Devil May Cry 5

Lead director Hideaki Itsuno and producer Matt Walker appeared at Microsoft’s ‘X018’ event over the weekend to unveil some new features for Devil May Cry 5.

First off, the duo announced the new ‘Void Mode’ as well as an opportunity to showcase the new mechanics in the game, one of which are Devil Breakers.

The new trailer delivers an extensive look at the Void, which is essentially a training mode for all new (and old) players to go and master new, wacky combos with a whole variety of insane weaponry and power at your fingertips. This is a feature that Capcom insists the fans have wanted for a while but never had time to fully dedicate to.

Capcom has now delivered on this long-awaited promise and given a fully fleshed out training mode in Devil May Cry 5 with multiple options for players, such as the ability to turn damage on or off during training so you can attempt that ‘SSS’ combo style that you’ve always wanted to master but could never quite grasp.

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The other feature unveiled were the Devil Breakers, for Nero in this instance, makes him able to switch between different types of arms and in turn, give him special abilities depending on which you use. Different powers include shooting out shockwaves, recovering health or even a special Mega Man arm which pays homage to the character every time you use it. A must for any Capcom fanboy out there!

Dante will definitely be back in Devil May Cry 5 as a playable character to the series, to many fans delight, as well as a new playable character Capcom has recently teased named ‘V’. A mysterious figure whose role may be more crucial to the story than we think. So there you have it, three playable characters, a heck load of demons to kill and an arsenal of incredibly, deadly weaponry to take them out with. Sounds like the sequel we’ve all been waiting for!

Devil May Cry 5 releases for PS4, Xbox One and PC on March 8, 2019. Get ready to raise some hell!

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