As per the rumors, Diablo 3 for the Nintendo Switch has Amiibo support and it’s a very interesting addition, and not what you think…

When I think about Diablo 3 there is only one thing that comes to mind… LOOT! Loot, grind, loot, grind, rinse and repeat! Along with its in-depth story and fun multiplayer mechanics, we all know at the heart of it is an excessive but very rewarding grind for loot done right… looking at you Destiny.

Bungie could learn a thing or two from Blizzard about rewarding your players for grinding over 10 hours of gameplay and only receiving the same exotic if not anything!! Sorry, I can only forgive so much but i’ll never forget!

Alas, I digress. So it should come as no surprise that the very first Amiibo to be released from Diablo 3 on Switch would come in the form of a Loot Goblin! Nintendo plans to release these little red demons next month in December to join the line up of their current amass of figures.

In Diablo 3 the idea of a Loot Goblin is that when they pop up randomly on a playthrough then you must kill them before they run off with their bloated bags of goodies, otherwise, they’ll escape off the map and there goes all that precious high-level gear you were so desperate for. Annoying little devils! Believe me, I know, it’s happened one too many times… -camera pans to my distraught face with a single tear drop-.

Loot Goblin Amiibo


Be fast to catch them though as I imagine these Amiibo’s will sell very fast come December, I guess it’s the only time you should let them get away with running off with your money, as they’ll set you back $15.99 and only through GameStop!

It is rumored that these Loot Goblins will summon portals to teleport you to untold riches… TAKE MY MONEY!

I suggest you all chase one before they’re gone for good!

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