Furthering on from the rumours about Disney making multiple tv shows with the Falcon/Winter Soldier team up and the Scarlet Witch independent series, we now have official confirmation from Disney CEO Bob Iger himself – during an earnings call – that they will be indeed making the Loki independent series, giving the chance for the ‘God of Mischief’ to take center stage.

Though this wasn’t all the news that was given as Disney have also officially announced the name of their upcoming streaming serviceDisney+‘ and outlined their plans for the platform as well as a late 2019 release for next year. They also mentioned they would be stripping all current and previous Marvel, Disney and soon to be 20th Century Fox titles from Netflix at the end of the year to put on their new platform for 2019.

With the Disney/Fox acquisition to be completed on January 1st, this would leave them with an unprecedented library full of a huge amount of content to combat streaming giant Netflix into a possible submission, said by some. We can expect to see a big increase in the ‘House of Mouse’ profits next year, as well as the next final Avengers and Star Wars movies to top it all off!

Disney is also planning a live-action Star Wars TV series by Jon Favreau based on the Mandalorians to much fan interest (Yayyyyy!!!). Now we patiently await confirmation on the other shows to join the already huge roster of content to be piled on the streaming service, though one thing is for sure, 2019 is definitely going to be the year of Disney.

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