Disney is reportedly giving ‘The Falcon’ and ‘Winter Soldier’ their own TV series on its upcoming streaming service, set to launch in late 2019, according to Variety. It has been rumored that original stars Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan are set to reprise their roles as the favorable characters.

This may not come as a shock to some as Disney have already seemingly made plans for a Loki stand alone and Scarlet Witch independent series with the same actors set to bring the characters to life once again after the shocking Infinity War conclusion. Along with Paul Bettany’s character ‘Vision’ to co-star alongside the powerful blood red witch.

Although it may seem odd with the surprising pairing of the Falcon and Soldier to some, we did see them begin to strike up a very fun, dynamic attitude on screen. From hating each other to try and get used to each other begrudgingly being on a team together, the pairing had lead to a lot of awkward but funny moments for the audience. The potential was already built from the ground up, something Marvel has always been great at when filmmaking and it truly does show here.

Disney has long awaited the moment to give Netflix a run for their money and this new streaming service may be the turning point for the streaming giant. It is no secret that the ‘House of Mouse’ plans to end agreements with Netflix and take back control of all their Disney and Marvel shows/films once the end of the year is up to put be able to distribute on their own service.

Winter Soldier Bucky

Only time will tell whether this will all work out for Disney in the end, although I feel either way it may end up going something like this if anyone dared challenge them… do not invoke the anger of Mickey!

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