The team behind Dragon Ball Super: Broly has released their final Japanese trailer. This dramatic teaser shows Super Saiyan God level Vegeta, a manic Broly, a sinister cackle from Frieza’s purple maw and lots and lots of charging up and manly screams.

Since its initial release the frequent dips in animation quality has been a massive issue for fans of Dragon Ball Super and going by this trailer there is no need to worry as we have some of the most spectacular fight scenes committed to digital animation.

Check out the latest English dub trailer that is not quite as dramatic but does feature Frieza’s classic venomous insults and alternate footage to the Japanese teaser, including flashbacks to a baby Vegeta! Different of course to Dragon Ball GT’s Super Baby Vegeta.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly looks to be doing a great job in filling many of the blank spots in Goku’s early history before Grandpa Gohan found the monstrous infant. Broly’s canon debut cannot come soon enough, releasing in Japan this December. Funimation will then launch the highly anticipated anime feature to theatres in the United States, UK, Austrailia and, New Zealand on January 16.

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