Dark Horse Comics have delivered our very first look at the Anthem prequel comic which acts as a prequel to the upcoming game.

In July, Dark Horse and BioWare announced they had formed a partnership to focus on ‘The Art of Anthem’, due to arrive around the release of the game February 22, 2019. They have now offered up more details on a comic miniseries that will serve as a prequel story up to the release of the game.

Here’s a statement taken from Press Release along with front cover art:

Anthem Comic from Dark Horse Comics

‘Penned by Alexander Freed (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story) and Mac Walters (Mass Effect: Foundation), with art by Eduardo Francisco (Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse), the prequel comic follows a boy named Kismet who is rescued from an ambush by one of the javelin pilots known as Freelancers. Now an orphan, Kismet and his adoptive sister Jani must build a better future for themselves, and humanity, in a world filled with danger.’

This news should shed some more light on the upcoming, highly anticipated game that has already come under fire by the gaming community for seemingly deciding to favor gameplay over BioWare’s more traditional story elements. This comic could possibly serve as a sign in the right direction to doubters amongst fear of a non-story driven game.

It appears Anthem may yet have its chance to prove to the gaming community that BioWare still values story after this recent partnership with Dark Horse Comics. You can find out more about Anthem through a recent gameplay demonstration here.

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