Being a studio known for its high levels of polish, it may be a shock that Bethesda have announced they’ll extend the Fallout 76 “B.E.T.A”, following a game deleting bug.

Seemingly only encountered by the PC testers of Fallout 76testers discovered that the Bethesda client (because let’s have millions of auxiliary clients) had accidentally deleted the entire game. Perhaps that also happened to the Switch version?

Bethesda rightly took to Twitter to announce that they’ll be extending the “B.E.T.A”, as many users wouldn’t have been able to download the ridiculous 50 GB file in time. PS4 and Xbox One users actually managed to benefit from the PC players misfortune, as Bethesda made sure to state that they’ll be extending Thursday, November 1 B.E.T.A time to 2pm – 11pm ET for “everyone”.

You’ll be able to retain your progress during the “B.E.T.A”, but let’s be real for a moment. Can you really consider it a beta if it’s 2 weeks from launch? And let’s not get started on the whole “paying to beta test a game” debacle that we seem to be constantly mired by. Coupled with the fact that the “B.E.T.A” is also a 50 GB download, it’s likely you’ve been playing the full game all this time. Shocking, I know.

Fallout 76 Screenshot

There’s a few more “B.E.T.A” test dates left if you’re yet to jump in on Fallout 76, so if you’ve paid to test, make sure you’re free on November 3 2 PM to 6 PM PT, and November 4, starting from 11 AM and running until 6 PM PT.

We recently played during the first session of the Fallout 76 “B.E.T.A”, so if you don’t want to pay to test the game, you can check out our footage from the first half an hour below!

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