Fallout 76 has been out for a little under a week, and with a host of known issues to address, Bethesda has released a roadmap for the coming weeks.

The Fallout 76 B.E.T.A. was a bit of a rocky road, and with release well and truly underway, the title has seen more than its fair share of troubles. Never fear, however, as like all games in 2018 the basics are getting fixed post-launch because that’s clearly the best time to fix menial shit in your game.

The first update, scheduled for November 19, will “focus primarily on game performance and stability on all platforms” and is said to be larger than the upcoming updates to the game, most likely due to the extent of the changes, and Bethesda’s archaic patching process. This update is also said to fix quest and C.A.M.P. bugs, so we might finally be able to fix that poxy ticket dispenser. If you’ve played Fallout 76 you’ll know what I mean.

Please note, this update will NOT be bringing in changes to the stash limit, or push to talk. These features are “coming in the next several weeks.” So yes, the roadmap is as we suspected. It’ll be done when it’s done. Better than them giving us a date they can’t keep, I guess.

Fallout 76 Screenshot

Bethesda hears us loud and clear, and they will be addressing the stash limit in the coming weeks. The current limit is “There for technical reasons” to limit the number of items the game tracks in the world. This is completely overlooking the fact a player could effectively quadruple their own limit on their character, but hey ho. They do state that this is one they want to do right, so let us hope that sentiment carries on.

Push to talk and a FOV slider (yes really these are missing in 2018) are said to be included in an update in the next few weeks, with Ultrawide 21:9 support simply “coming soon.”

There is no news yet on what additional content we will see in Appalachia, but no doubt it’s going to take a little longer because of all these fixes. You can catch the full report from Bethesda regarding the Fallout 76 roadmap here.

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