Fallout 76 has had anything but a smooth launch. To add insult to injury, the title’s launch numbers on twitch are anything but good.

Fallout 76 peaked 184K viewers at the start of the B.E.T.A. but since then, numbers have been anything but impressive. Not even Ninja, teaming up with Rick and Morty creator/voice actor, Justin Roiland, and Logic, could turn around a viewership close to what he’s pulled with Fortnite. Most of his 76K viewers shared mixed to negative feedback regarding the experience. Needless to say, he’s back on Fortnite.

As reported by GitHyp, when Fallout 76 officially launched, the title peaked only 106K viewers, down 42% on the beta and a concerning 56% compared to Fallout 4’s peak of 243K viewers.

To make matters worse, Fallout 76 is already down another 55% on those figures, not right for a AAA title a little over a week after release. The title has placed #31 on Twitch’s list of the most watched games, nothing to write home about.

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