Epic Games has today announced the Fortnite $1 million Winter Royale Online Tournament which is set to begin on November 24 and offers players the chance to win up to million dollars (in prizes).

With Fall Skirmishes coming to an end, Epic Games has today announced the next phase in their competitive play, the $1 million Winter Royale Online Tournament. This event comes on the tail of a big competitive tournament update in v6.30 which tweaked the way players were matched based on points earned.

Fortnite: Battle Royale players will also notice different “Pop-Up Cups” appearing within the Events tab. These events are online tournaments each with different game settings, like Competitive LTMs, Epic Games explained. This allows them to test the competitive environment without affecting the big tournaments taking place.

“The rules and gameplay will change over time similar to Limited Time Modes. We plan to iterate and explore different in-game adjustments by closely monitoring competitive play in these Pop-Ups,” added Epic Games.

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Finally, Epic Games announced that they’ll be holding the Winter Online Tournament which will be a testing ground for the game’s Online Tournament system which is set to be put in place for the Fortnite World Cup next year.

The Winter Royale Online Tournament will feature two parts, the Winter Royale Qualifiers and the Winter Royale Finals, both of which will have a total of $1 million in prizes up for grabs. As with all Fortnite tournaments, there’ll be several chances for players to get high scores, and player’s highest achieved score will be the one that counts.

Winter Royale will use the same game settings as the currently available Pop-Up Cup.

The top performers in each region for North America and Europe will be verified and, if eligible, will be invited in the Winter Royale Finals for their region. For those in other regions, Epic Games plans to hold other region-specific tournaments soon.

Here are the dates for the Winter Royale Online Tournament:

  • WINTER ROYALE QUALIFIER (OPEN): 11/24/2018 – 11/25/2018
  • EUROPE WINTER ROYALE FINALS: 11/30/2018 – 12/1/2018
  • NORTH AMERICA WINTER ROYALE FINALS: 12/11/2018 – 12/12/2018

With four days until the qualifier begins, now is a good time to scrub up on those skills, practice your dances, and get those Victory Royale’s.

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