Last week Wreck-it Ralph was spotted in Fortnite‘s drive-in theatre, Risky Reels, and that might not be the last time we see old Ralph in the game.

Following the spotting, Epic Games has been more openly teasing Wreck-it Ralph-themed content this time with an announcement of a new dance over on Twitter – but this time it came with a little added ending.

While the announcement seems pretty innocent at first, the tease is quickly disturbed by Wreck-it Ralph who comes tearing through the screen. This is then followed up by a Tweet from the official Wreck-it Ralph Twitter warning Epic Games that Ralph is on the loose.

So what can we expect from this collaboration? Well, Wreck-it Ralph has already technically appeared in-game and now players have a dance to boot. Whether or not Ralph will come into the game as a playable character, not unlike Thanos earlier this year, remains to be seen.

Here’s hoping though, eh?

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