You could say Power Rangers Operative Overdrive doesn’t really have a distinct theme and I’d say, you’re probably right. I mean you’ve got clear themes for most seasons of the shows. SPD was police and Mystic Force was a magical theme.

Though Operation Overdrive is kind of like Zeo, no real theme, despite that it was the 20th anniversary of the franchise and credit where credit is due, it did have its highlights.

So let’s join Mac, Will, Dax, Ronny, Rosie, and Tyzonn as the hunt for ancient relics of great power.

The Once a Ranger team up

As I said, it was the 20th anniversary of the franchise and with that in mind, Operation Overdrive was joined by a dream team of retro rangers, which shockingly didn’t feature all-star veteran, Jason David Frank.

When the Overdrive Ranger loses their powers a team of veterans has to take their place.

The team consists of Adam with Mighty Morphin Power Coin, Bridge with the Red SPD Morpher, Tori the Blue Ninja Storm Ranger, Xander the Green Mystic Ranger and Kira the Yellow Dino Thunder Ranger along with Alpha 6.

All of which have to do battle with a certain naughty offspring.

It was the second season to reference Rita Repulsa

Who is that naughty offspring? Thrax, the child of Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa.

No wonder she became a good witch back in Mystic Force

The first ranger team to have an android on the roster

That’s right, Disney introduced Power Rangers with superpowers and this time went a little further by having its first android Ranger. Mack, the Red Ranger made history as the first robotic ranger good ranger on the main roster.

The first season where a power-up was used by a ranger from a different team

You might have thought since Bridge had the Red SPD Morpher with Skye being promoted he’d lead the Retro Rangers, but no. Lead veteran ranger Adam took the lead and with all his Disney colleagues having their fancy superpowers he got to use the Defender Vest, Operation Overdrives answer to the Dragon Shield.

Have I missed out any good facts? Why don’t you let us know in the comments!

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