The Mighty Morphin arm of the law is always behind you as Power Rangers S.P.D. are on the case to fight crime and put evil behind bars.

It’s the future and humanity has taken its place among the stars with aliens and super-powered humans existing on Earth. Of course, the future isn’t free of crime so a police force called S.P.D. (Space Patrol Delta) has been formed to combat the crimes of the future with their very own teams of Power Rangers.

So in 2025, when Emperor Gruumm has seemingly done away with the Alpha Squad Power Rangers, it’s up to the Beta Squad of Sky, Bridge, and Syd along with well-meaning criminals Jack and Z to save the day.

Of course, with a big adventure like that, of course, four facts could be found.

The first season that showed one ranger use two different colored morphers

Sky, the Blue Ranger, had a dream of being the Red Ranger but Jack stood in front of that dream like a giant cat blocking a doorway to the kitchen. Eventually, his dream came true at the end of the series when Jack left S.P.D. and he was given the Red Ranger Moprher.

When he got another promotion, the Red Ranger Morpher to Bridge, the Green Ranger, during the “Once a Ranger” reunion episode of Operation Overdrive.

The Alpha Squad used costumes from Power Rangers In Space

Disney might’ve pumped a bit of cash into the franchise but they were still cutting a few corners to ensure Mickey Mouse could afford another gold-plated smartphone. One such cash-saving exercise was re-using costumes from previous seasons.

So the Alpha squad re-used the helmets from Power Rangers in Space. Which if you think about it, is kind of good for continuity as it looks like S.P.D. used morphing technology from previous teams of rangers.

Sky, the Blue Rangers father wore a Time Force uniform

Sky’s dad was previously an S.P.D. ranger which gave his life to save civilians heroicly.

He wore a Timeforce costume which instantly leads to theories that he was the Red Timeforce Ranger, he wasn’t, and it was never really explored.

This series contains the first truly evil team of Power Rangers

Previous bad guy Rangers were either under mind-control like Tommy, evil doppelgangers like the Physco Rangers, or tricked into being evil like the Crimson and Navy Ninja Storm Rangers, who joined the team later.

In S.P.D., the Alpha Squad were bad to the bone and we’re truly corrupt.

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