Nintendo has released a handful of new outfits for Mario in Super Mario Odyssey to celebrate the holiday season.

When it comes to the seasonal spirit, albeit unseasonably early, the one thing we need and hope for is validation. We look at the shops, the adverts, and the movies as an indisputable authorization to that yes, the holidays are here… and you can go nutty if I want to — and y’all know I want to.

And the marvelously like-minded people at Nintendo obviously agree and have just gifted us validation by the sack load. If you are an incarnated depiction of humbug, you may want to look away now, because… it’s starting to look a lot like Christmas!

Nintendo has validated our festive joy with free holiday costumes for Super Mario Odyssey on the Nintendo Switch as an extra special gift — ‘tis the season after all. These free consumes require no additional DLC and are available in-game to any joyful old soul who has finished the main campaign and has some gold coins to spend — and no, the chocolate ones from the bottom of your stocking will not be excepted.

The Santa Clause outfit itself will set players back 1,500 coins in total; 1,000 for the suit and 500 for the hat respectively. The outfit comes complete with red suit and matching hat, golden buckle, beard, and… eyebrows? Which may just happen to be my favorite bit!

But this is not the only new costume Nintendo have gifted away this holiday season — I know it’s only November but just give me this one, okay? If Santa is not quite your bag, then how about an 8-bit Mario costume… you like that one now don’t you? Now, who’s filled with festive cheer? The 8 bit Mario hat will set players back just a tad more… with its 9,999 coin price tag … now even I can admit, that stings a little.

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