Tim Allen, better known as Buzz Lightyear, has revealed action star Keanu Reeveshas joined the cast for the upcoming Toy Story 4.

Whilst the exact nature of the role is unknown, Allen (speaking with Jimmy Fallon) hinted towards Reeves portraying a character with the same heated vigour as his own, but at less than half the size. Although, if anyone could make up for a deficit in size, it certainly would be Neo.

Keanu isn’t coming alone though, as Allen hinted at character’s both new and old appearing in the sequel. We have already heard a slice of the surprise casting announcements, with Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele appearing in a second teaser trailer for the feature in as many days last week.

Set for release next summerToy Story 4 will be Reeves’ first venture into a high-profile voice acting role despite his illustrious career. Bring on more I say, extra Keanu in our lives is never a bad thing.

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Check out the cryptic interview here; it gives you some time to begin to get used to the idea of John Wick being in a kids film.

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