Partners in crime (and time), Chloe Price and Max Caulfield, return to the scene in Titan’s first issue of the Life is Strange comic series.

The Life is Strange comic series is written by Emma Vieceli with artwork by Claudia Leonardi and the colors by Andrea Izzo. Despite the all-new location, Max and Chloe are still looking hella cool in their new digs and threads, with familiar colors and the overall tone of the comic. Emma did an amazing job taking over the writing portion of this new adventure. The writing and dialogue were so natural and seamless, you hardly notice it’s not the original narrative team behind this one.

Following one of the two endings that could have taken place post-storm, we reunite with Chloe and Max holed somewhere in Seattle and it’s 2014 – nearly one year since the events of the day of the storm. Chloe has an internship at a repair shop and Max is still snapping vintage pics. It’s looking like they may finally be getting some well-deserved peace – until it’s revealed that the one year anniversary of the storm is coming up. The girls are seen hanging with some of their new friends – who also happened to be apart of a local band – and they’re all fawning over the photos Max took of them.  Tammi, Pixie, Dwight, and Dex are all new characters that were introduced to in this new adventure but we don’t get too much backstory on them just yet.

Instead, Life is Strange #1 focuses on the repercussions and the survivor’s guilt that Max and Chloe face for being those they left behind in the storm. It’s unclear yet if the original cast has died or who has lived but what happened that night shook the girls nonetheless. Chloe turns to old habits of isolation and deflection while Max… Max just doesn’t look like she’s in the mood to talk about it. When a news report about the anniversary is playing on the TV, Max, and Chloe escape to the bathroom while joking about the irony of feeling safest in there of all places. It’s becoming clear even to them that even as they attempt to rebuild a new life in Seattle, their haunted by what happened in Arcadia Bay.

Life is Strange Comic Artwork

As if the anniversary wasn’t bad enough, Max’s powers start to act up when the girls attend their friend’s concert (which is Pirate themed, because of course.) Complete with strange time interruptions, missing memories, and bloody noses, somethings definitely not right and the answer to Max and Chloe’s problem seems clear – it’s time to return to Arcadia Bay.

As much as I wished the girls were off enjoying life and overall having the happy ending they deserve, I’m seriously curious to find out just what’s going on with Max’s powers. Is the universe still trying to correct Max’s choice? Are her powers just out of control? Can they even fix this or will it lead to yet another heart-wrenching choice come the final issue? I hate the waiting game but I’m so excited to read the next issue and find out! It’s was awesome to return to the adventures of Max and Chloe – no matter where they – because as long as they’re together, I’ll love it.

If you are a fan of the Life is Strange games, be sure to check out the comics trailer down below and then go grab the first issue – which is out today! Already read it? Let us know what you thought in the comments down below!

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