Playdead, the developers of the strange and dark 2D adventures, Limbo and Inside, has been teasing a new game that’s shaping up to be their biggest project yet.

Though Playdead have always been tight-lipped on details and release projects far and few between, both of their games became beloved hits. If that’s any indication, their upcoming game will be sure to follow a similar path!

After releasing a single image via Twitter, co-founder and art director Arnt Jensen has further teased their current project in an interview with DR. Sick of the restrictive confines of 2D games, Jensen promises this game with be move away from their past games and be ‘their biggest game yet’, with more room for the player to move around.

By the looks of that teaser image though, this new project of Playdead may still have that dark mood of their past games?

What do you think about Playdead’s effort to create an entirely new adventure? What are you hoping for in their upcoming game? Let us know in the comments down below!

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