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BioWare has announced that Mass Effect Andromeda has been patched and enhanced to Xbox One X as part of their celebratory N7 day. This will, in turn, enhance the resolution and add HDR support to further your experience of the space action RPG.

In all honesty I do not think that this patch is entirely necessary to have done for a game that was so badly scrutinized for its terrible graphical features of character models and designs, if BioWare expect to make any return profit or build any momentum for the game again by doing this then they will be sorely mistaken. Following mediocre to poor reviews across the board of bad voice acting, game design and lack of story, this game in itself has potentially become its own meme.

(Seriously, if you look up anywhere about this game then I assure you there will be a meme dedicated to a character with disproportionate facial expressions and bad voice acting to accompany which ensues to much hilarity!)

I would suggest that they focus on their upcoming, and highly eyed by the gaming community I might add, Anthem and put all their team and effort into making it the best they can. Although there have been rumblings of information from multiple sources that they are already working on the next Dragon Age and in early stages of doing another Mass Effect! Which I’m sure will divide fans as to whether they should be very happy or more so worried about what the future holds in store for these franchises.

Let us hope that BioWare gets back to making the incredibly immersive and technically well deeply driven RPG’s that they are much known and loved for.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and as always stick around for more gaming content from n3rdabl3.

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