For a few months now a lot of fans have been asking the developers of Anthem for all sorts of interesting components to put into the game, wether it be certain gear, abilities, equipment and more. However, on the Celebratory N7 day, the Mass Effect fans got exactly what they had asked for!

As you can see from the image below, one of the lead developers on the Anthem project ‘Mike Gamble’ had put fans into a frenzy after showcasing what looks to be the ‘Interceptor’ class in an N7 Armour outfit over on his Twitter account:

It looks glorious! Sleek and stealthy, perfect for the ‘Interceptor’ class, though I imagine there will be N7 armour for all the other classes designed in their own style too. We’re also unsure wether this is content you can unlock/find in the game or if it is paid cosmetics, I’m sure we’ll find out in the days leading up to release in the next few months.

Anthem has had a very rocky development since it’s announcement and with the recent outpour of fans fury over Mass Effect Andromeda, Star Wars Battlefront 2, and Battlefield 5 to name a few, this has left EA and BioWare on the wrong side of the consumer. This has to be the next game to bring them back into customers good graces otherwise we may be at a tipping point where the trust for these companies is truly lost.

Anthem is set to launch on February 22, 2019. If pre-ordered, players will receive a code for the demo which will be playable from February 1, 2019 and following on from it’s release the game will receive FREE story content DLC, maybe EA are actually trying?

Sound off your thoughts in the comments below, let us know what you think of BioWare’s new IP!

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