Mortal Kombat XI might be on the way to our consoles sooner than we thought if recent tweets are anything to go by.

The great games industry rumor mill has been turning today, as we received possible news about the next Mortal Kombat game, which will be the eleventh title in the main series. So far, we have had very little information about the project but, given Netherrealm Studios’ success in the 2010s, Mortal Kombat XI is an inevitability.

So, what is this rumor? Well, Lalo Garza, a Spanish voice actor, tweeted out his displeasure after two of his characters were cut from the game. This would suggest that Netherrealm are already at the stage of localization for Mortal Kombat XI, which is surprising given the small amount of information currently out there.

The two characters Garza claims were cut are Kung Lao and Reptile, two mainstays of the series and both very popular. Does this mean they are getting cut from the game? Possibly, but it is rather unlikely. Kung Lao has always been a fairly important character in the messy plot of the Mortal Kombat series, and while Reptile has always been fairly irrelevant, his popularity has ensured that he has remained.

Additionally, Reptile has been a good, hard-working jobber in the story modes of the last two games, and I don’t see any reason why this wouldn’t continue. More than likely, Garza has simply been discarded in favor of another voice actor for these two characters.

Still, all of this could be little more than a baseless rumor. If it is true, though, we may be seeing Mortal Kombat XI sooner than we previously thought.

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