Fans of classic, inventive platformers need to mark their calendars, as November 22 sees the release of Ms. Splosion Man on the Nintendo Switch’s eShop.

Originally released by Twisted Pixel in 2011 for the Xbox Live Arcade, the critically-acclaimed sequel is making the jump to Nintendo’s console as a result of the developer becoming independent. With 100 levels, split half and half between single and multiplayer ventures, it’s hard not to see the £11.99 price tag (about $15.00) as anything but a bargain.

I have a real soft spot for this game, and would highly recommend picking up a copy for the Switch since it lends itself to on-the-go play so well. Levels can be blasted through as short, fun spectacles, or explored more thoroughly to find the expertly hidden shoes scattered throughout the game.

The control system in Ms. Splosion Man is heavily influenced by traditional, old-school platformers, operating with just two main commands: run and ‘splode (jump). Easy to pick up, for sure, but hard to master, as levels require precise timing and interaction with various obstacles, from switches and rails, all the way to launch pads that fling you from laboratories to exotic beaches and beyond.

So far, there’s no news of the original Splosion Man following in the burnt footsteps of his lady love, but I live in hope; that was a bloody good game as well.

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Check out the release trailer for Ms. Splosion Man (and its fantastic soundtrack) here!

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