RuneScape The Needle Skips

Jagex has today announced the launch of a brand new quest line in RuneScape, The Needle Skips, which gives players a murder mystery to solve.

Announced at RuneFest, The Needle Skips is the first of many content updates coming to the long-running MMO. This particular event is the latest in the game’s long tradition of murder mystery quests which have been released over the years and oh boy, is it a corker.

This quest begins at a mysterious stone monument where, at its base, is a lone figure lying dead with the word “Megan” scrawled in blood. The event follows a family living close to the monument, also known as a needle, which due to its prior use by the Elder Gods, is encased in a time bubble. This allows players to loop through time to unlock answers to the mystery and get to the bottom of who committed the murder.

In addition to this being the latest murder mystery quest, The Needle Skips is also the 400th quest point available to players of RuneScape. So if you want to rack up those points, you better get digging.

Finally, the latest adventure comes as Jagex launches this year’s Premier Club. More details can be found over on the game’s website.

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