We’re finally getting Kingdom Hearts 3, so we shouldn’t complain. But… it’s coming out right after all of the winter holidays, right at the end of January.

If you’re a Kingdom Hearts fan, you’re probably already nearing your absolute limit for wait time–so we thought we’d get together a list of some nice KH merch to try to help hold you over for those last few weeks.

Kingdom Hearts Manga

If you need to catch up on or refresh yourself on the story, this is a great place to start. It’s also a cheaper alternative to the special editions of the game that are bundled with the previous games in the series. There are also light novels of some of the games in the series.

For convenience’s sake, we recommend Amazon for the Kindle editions, but of course stores like Barnes and Noble and Target are offering the books as well.

Sora’s Slippers

An old joke among fans is how ridiculously huge Sora’s feet/shoes are. Sony finally got the memo and made what might be the funniest piece of merchandise available: Sora’s slippers.

It seems like there are a couple different designs available online, but Hot Topic appears to be offering the style closest to in-game designs.

Xbox One Controller

Hey, you may not have the game yet, but you can pretend like you’re playing it already! Although there will be a special Kingdom Hearts 3 PlayStation 4 hitting shelves, this controller is most likely the closest Xbox users will be able to get to officially-adorned KH hardware. Note that although it is marketed as a wired controller, the wire can be detached.

Action Figures

Admittedly, the quality of Kingdom Hearts figures has been and remains questionable at times. However, Tamashi Nations Bandai S.H. Figuarts figures caught our eye.

The brand is well known for its high-quality action figures, and Sora looks normal, with no painting or detail defects. The company is also offering Donald Duck and King Mickey figures. Please make Riku and Roxas next! Oh, and all of Organization XIII. And if you could do Cloud, and Hercules, and…

Heartless Plush

I mean, yeah, they’re bad guys because they’re taking people’s hearts. But they’re so darn cute! Although there are plushes of many of the characters and enemies from this series, for every well-made plush, there are ten or twenty bad ones. This particular Heartless plush seems solidly made and the perfect size for hugging. He also sits up, so if you’re not the hugging type, he can hold his own on your bookshelf.


If you’re like me, at one point in the thirteen years it took to get real confirmation for Kingdom Hearts 3, you got fed up and got rid of some memorabilia out of spite. And now you’re wishing for some of that stuff back.

This shirt stuck out to me because it isn’t completely obvious as to what it is. Not that I’m ashamed of my Kingdom Hearts love, but I did feel a little goofy (no pun intended) wearing t-shirts that featured Mickey Mouse or Goofy trying to look tough. The only improvement on this for me would be if there were alternate designs featuring the names and numbers of other Organization members!

Paopu Fruit Accessories

The Paopu fruit is essentially the best friend charm of the Kingdom Hearts world.

These cute Paopu charms can be purchased as keychains or necklaces that can be personalized to some degree. It’s a great gift for nerdy best friends or significant others!

Prop Keyblade

There are a lot of prop keyblades out there. Even Target sells them now. However, if you have deep pockets, you can purchase this incredible “Young Xehanort” keyblade from Etsy.

This amazing homemade replica has a payment plan option, if you don’t have all of the funds but can’t resist livening up your mantle (or cosplays). The store has great reviews and is apparently very responsive to buyers’ questions and concerns as well.

Kingdom Hearts II Wall Clock

Wall-clocks may seem a little old-fashioned, but even the nerdiest ones add some class to even the most casual of apartments and homes.

This clock ups the ante because the design is actually punched out of an old vinyl record. A perfect gift for a fan of both KH and vinyl! Although I’ve seen identical designs elsewhere, this particular Etsy store has the best reviews for the best price as of this writing.

Engagement Rings

Ready to move past the Paopu fruit stage of your relationship with your SO? Allthingsgeekchic can help you out! Although these rings are described as “Paopu fruit,” there isn’t much of that design present. Rather, it favors the heart from the game series’ main logo.

This item can be ordered in gold or silver and features sapphires and other white gems, so you can get extra points if you match your SO’s birthstone! And if there are other series the both of you are into more, there’s plenty of selection in the rest of this Etsy shop.

Please note that you must order from this shop by December first to secure a delivery by Christmas!


So, how was it? Will this scratch your Kingdom Hearts itch at least long enough to make waiting until the end of January manageable?

Or did we miss some incredible piece of Kingdom Hearts memorabilia that you already have on your wish list?  Let us know in the comments below!

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