The best part of holiday gifts is that they can be the gifts that keep on giving: you know, the ones that can come out every holiday season.

Many people have figured out that items meant specifically for the holidays tend to be big sellers. So, what could you be decking the halls with this year?

Pokémon Holiday Extravaganza Line

What caught my eye about this line were the plushies (there was an Eevee plush). However, this line also includes ornaments, keychains, blankets, hats, stockings and hangers, greeting cards, and mugs.

Although this line seems to be slated more towards Christmas with its recurring red and green motifs and other details, many of the items simply say “holiday” or point to general winter cheer, such as snowmen.

You can check the whole line out here, and some of the plushes are also currently available at the Nintendo store in New York City.

Super Star Tree Topper

Going a little more traditional, you can pick up a Super Star from the Mario games to top your tree at Gamestop. It is a little small, so it will look strange on a huge tree, but it is made of a light plastic so it should be able to rest comfortably on even a smaller, real tree.

Hogwarts House Ornament

Perfect for the biggest Potterhead in your life, you can customize this ornament with the Hogwarts house of your choice as well as the name of your choice.

Jeff Goldblum Wrapping Paper

We feel the paper is so beautiful, you must look inside yourself and decide if you’re truly ready to view it before clicking the link below.

Theteatreasures was so preoccupied with whether or not they could make this paper that they didn’t stop to think if they should. Just kidding, we love them for it!

This Etsy store allows a buyer to order up to four sheets at a time. It’s plain white and decorated with Jeff Goldblum as Ian Malcolm. Really, it works for any holiday and any time of the year. Check it out here! And if this isn’t enough Goldblum for you, check out the Etsy search “Jeff Goldblum Christmas.” It’s a wonderful experience.

Nuka Cola Ornaments

Just because the nuclear holocaust happened doesn’t mean you can’t have a pretty Christmas tree. Each order comes with six bottlecaps so you can really flaunt your post-apocalyptic wealth. This Etsy store specializes in Fallout merchandise if you want to push the theme all year round.

Various Fairy Lights

Thinkgeek offers a wide variety of fairy lights for both your tree or just your walls, or whatever (hopefully safe) place you’d like to put them up! My personal pick would be the Christmas Story mini-leg lamps, but the Star Wars lightsaber and Legend of Zelda rupee strings are tied for very close seconds.

Space Invaders “Ugly” Sweater

Ugly sweaters have evolved to the point that, well, they’re usually not actually very ugly anymore. Although ThinkGeek has sweaters that rep popular properties like Star Wars, Bob’s Burgers and many others, the Space Invader sweater seems to be the star with its bright colors and clever design.

Little Nero’s Pizza Apparel

No, it’s not the K-Mart version of Little Caesar’s. Many people associate the holidays with a kid who loved pizza and loved terrorizing the poor pizza boys: Kevin McCallister from Home Alone. 

Both the shirt and hoodie feature the Little Nero’s logo on a simple white background, so it’s good for all year round. The only thing that really makes it Christmas-y or holiday-y is the association! Anyways, AMC tends to use Home Alone 2: Lost in New York as late-night filler for every season but winter, so if you’re like me, you probably associate the movies with everything but the holidays anyway!


So, how was it? Are you ready to start decking or have we already left you all decked out?

Are there any other holiday-specific nerd goods you would recommend to us for getting into the spirit, every year? Let us know in the comments below!

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