Are you already feeling starved after binge-watching the latest season of Netflix’s Castlevania? Are you dying for more adventures with Belmont and Alucard? Did the latest installment have you feeling drained from such an explosive showdown between Belmont and Dracula? Ok, no more vampire puns…

You’ll be happy to hear after the very well received second season, Netflix has renewed Castlevania for a third! We shall also be seeing more of the likes of Trevor Belmont, Alucard (Dracula’s son) and Sypha Belnades as Netflix has increased the episode count from 8 – 10!

Castlevania Season 2 improved on the first in so many ways and became a much more entertaining watch. While I still feel we could have seen a few more action scenes in the earlier parts of Season 2, the team definitely delivered on the final episodes. Amounting a huge spectacle of a war between the vampires and the equally interesting character-built generals such as Carmilla, GodBrand, Isaac, and Hector to name a few.

The animation in this series is exactly what I would expect, a gritty, bloody, sharp portrayal of a very well done transition between the games and how the anime should be, I imagine fans of the games connect well to this portrayal and are awaiting all the little easter eggs they find along the way in retrospect of all the different incarnations of the franchise.

Castlevania Season 2 Still

Hopefully, we won’t have too long to wait for this next season but I would imagine another Halloween holiday release as we’ve already heard rumblings from voice actor ‘Richard Armitage’ who voices ‘Trevor Belmont’ over on Digital Spy that they’re already hard at work straight into the next season.

This comes as no surprise after leaving a very open ending of Season 2 for many more adventures to come. Will you be watching the continued adventures of Belmont and co.? (That actually sounds like a name for another interesting spin-off series…), then sound off below in the comments!

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