If you’re a happy Nintendo Wii owner and still use the Wii Shop Channel regularly, be it for actual shopping or just enjoying the very catchy theme song, mark January 30 in your calendars. After over 12 years of operation the service will come to its end on that date.

In practice, this means buying, downloading and also redownloading previously bought games will not be possible past that date, you can find the exact terms on Nintendo’s support site. In the wake of the Wii Shop Channel shutdown streaming giant Netflix will also terminate its service on the console, reducing the Wii’s functionality as a media player.

On the contrary, last week Nintendo moved the Switch in that direction in large bounds by finally launching a YouTube App for the handheld hybrid, drastically expanding its functionality as a media player.

The tragic end for Netflix on the Wii may just be a precursor to its rebirth on the Nintendo Switch. Here’s to hoping.

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