Media giant Netflix has singlehandedly revitalized the genre of documentaries. The once glossed over genre of cinema and TV has not only found a home in the streaming service but has become as much of a default as a good comedy or horror movie.

Netflix’s next documentary series will need no help gaining popularity, as the stars of it are already man’s best friend. Dogs, the aptly-titled, upcoming documentary series from Netflix will feature scores of canines doing what they do best—cementing themselves as an invaluable element of the lives of the people who love them and they love in return. The show will introduce viewers to the multifaceted world of dogs and the jobs some of them perform, ranging from being seeing eye dogs, to even working as security.

Unfortunately not coming out until halfway through November, we can at least delight in a trailer that was recently released. In it, viewers are treated to the many furry friends we are set to meet over the 6-episode series. By the looks of things, heartstrings will be tugged.

Each episode will focus on a particular location, with a story unique to the area. A summary of the New York episode reads, “There are more dogs in New York than there are people in the city of Cleveland—and thousands of them are rescues. This episode follows every step of this adoption ecosystem through the charity Hearts and Bones as they go on a rescue mission to bring dogs from a kill shelter in the south to the Big Apple for a better life.”

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Dogs will be available to stream starting November 16

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