Cyberpunk 2077 is set to see the appearance of Netrunners, CD Projekt RED has revealed via a slip of the tongue in a Facebook message.

Over the years we’ve seen some excellent hacking mechanics in video games, some of them in Fallout 3, Deus Ex and Bioshock. Scratch that, none of them are in Fallout 3, Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Bioshock. Can CD Projekt Red’s upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 improve upon past annoyances?

In a recent Facebook chat with the official Cyberpunk 2077 account, a Reddit user was able to tickle some new information out of whoever was in the mood to answer in that particular moment. In the fictional Cyberpunk universe, netrunners are people who are able to hack computer systems to their own ends and now we have confirmation that netrunning will be an integral part to gameplay in CD Projekt Red’s upcoming sci-fi RPG.

Hacking systems will “help you during missions, open doors, distract enemies” and more possibilities, but if it will come at the price of another really irritating minigame or how else it will be embedded into gameplay remains unclear.

Of course, I would trust CD Projekt Red fully to incorporate an actually fun hacking minigame, like the analog hacking in Skyrim or the hacking/slashing mechanics in Diablo.

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