As we get closer to the release date of Kingdom Hearts 3, more and more trailers teasing worlds, their stories, and overall game plot have been cropping up. At X018, fans have been given one more such trailer, teasing at new gameplay and offering tantalizing glimpses at the game’s main story.

The newest trailer started with the lanterns scene from Tangled with the obligatory cameo from Sora and company, then skips to Winnie the Pooh telling Sora that he’d like them to be together forever. Sora reassures him that he’ll be in his heart “from now on.”

The scene then changes to Xemnas being challenged by Pence and Hayner, Roxas’s old friends from Kingdom Hearts 2. Another callback comes in the form of Demyx, a boss from that game, and Vexen, whose story ended in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, story-wise. Demyx informs Vexen that they aren’t friends, as Sora immediately informs a stuffed tiger that they are friends.

There’s a montage of cutscene and gameplay clips from Pirates of the CaribbeanBig Hero 6, Hundred Acre Woods, and Tangled worlds, as well as what appears to be an original area and Hollow Bastion. Here is where there is quite a bit of teasing as to what the overall story may reveal upon actual playthrough; it seems the backstory is finally going to be filled out comprehensively.

You may watch the trailer below.

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Kingdom Hearts 3 will be out on January 29 for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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