News broke on November 1 that the Gothic British/American drama series Penny Dreadful is to receive a sequel set in none other than the City of Angels to many fans’ delight. This will come as welcome news to all fans of the previous seasons, seeing as how many felt it was unjustly terminated after season three and left many loose ends to some of the interesting characters on the show.

I myself was a fan of the show as it was extremely refreshing to have a series on TV based off of dark famous characters from well-known novels and English Literature. It filled the void of having that dark, gothic vibe amongst interesting and unsettling protagonists and antagonists that all became intertwined in a web of misery and despair as they tried to find their path in the Victorian era of London.

Leading on from the reveal we were told that this particular follow-on would be a far stray from the dark, dreary streets of London and instead opt to be set in sunny Los Angeles around the time period of 1938. Think of it more as a new chapter for the series rather than a direct follow-on which in turn will now be exploring Mexican/American folklore with an infusion of genuine history and all things supernatural.

Penny Dreadful Screencap

They will also start to focus on real political world events at the time along with social, religious, and racial issues which is something new that the show did not touch on previous. Penny Dreadful creator John Logan will return to helm the new series whilst production is to begin in 2019.

If like me, you are a creature of the night and prefer the darker tendencies of the more unsettling history and supernatural aspects of the world, then you may find this next venture to your liking. I always wanted to brush up on my Mexican folklore and Brujeria knowledge, maybe now I’ll finally get my chance…

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