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Nintendo is Slowly Expanding Their Online Service


Nintendo is slowly making their online service worth having with the addition of three new NES titles coming to the subscriber service next Wednesday.

This month will see the addition of the original Metroid, Twinbee, and Mighty Bomb Jack. Obviously the big name here is the original Metroid, hopefully, it will get a similar treatment to what the original Legend of Zelda received; making it more streamlined for current hardware.

Twinbee is probably the lesser known title here. Konami’s vertical 80’s shooter, it was first released on their Bubble System hardware for the arcade in 1985. The Bubble System is probably more well known for harboring the incredible Gradius game which came to the system later the same year.

Lastly, Mighty Bomb Jack is Tecmo’s sequel to the original Bomb Jack. This title was an arcade platforming game that I’m sure is just as fun to play now, as it was back in the 80’s.

Next months games have already been announced and those titles are just as exciting, with the addition of Adventures of Lolo, Wario’s Woods, and Ninja Gaiden!

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