nintendo 2015

Nintendo has registered trademarks for more smartphone properties, this time adding The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Wii Sports Resort to its repertoire.

These trademarks covered applications such as a “program for home video game machine,” “downloadable video game program,” and “program for smartphone.” The latter two of these applications seem to indicate that we may be getting a new Nintendo mobile app related to the two properties sometime in the near future.

Nintendo has had great success with other classic properties it has put on the mobile market, such as Fire Emblem HeroesPokémon Go, and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, after all. It makes sense that they would want to try to replicate that success with other loved series.

Of course, the less optimistic out there have pointed out that Nintendo’s registration might mean little more than the fact that it was time to renew old trademarks so that they would stay valid.

At this time, there is little more than speculation to go on, but we’ll be waiting with bated breath for more information!

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