Nintendo Switch with Red and Blue JoyCons

The Nintendo Switch‘s eShop has just received a new update which allows users to easily filter their searches. Users can now select price range, genre, software that has demos, and DLC when they are searching on the eShop.

This has come after much griping from Nintendo Switch users. As Nintendo likes to boast, the Switch features a huge library of games–over 1300 at the moment. Unfortunately, with no comprehensive organizational structure, many were simply overwhelmed and frustrated by the impressive library of games.

The new search filters can be found by hitting the “search” option in the top left corner of the eShop. Underneath the keyword search bar, there are buttons to click or unclick for price range, genre, games with demos, and DLC. The genre and price range filters have more specific subfilters as well.

There is also an “other search filters” option. For further ease, search results also appear in alphabetical order unless otherwise specified.

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