Sad news for fans of the Nintendo Switch as it is announced that the long-awaited GameCube controller which was announced recently, won’t be seeing the light of day until 2019.

People in the U.K who have pre-ordered the classic controller have been receiving e-mails from Nintendo regrettably informing them that the controller is not going to meet the launch date of November 23, 2018. This is now expected to be in May 2019.

This is ahead of the launch of the highly-anticipated Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as the GameCube controller is one of the more popular to use during tournaments and is a sweet little throwback to the days of Super Smash Bros. Melee.

So far this has only been confirmed to be affecting customers in the U.K. Nintendo has yet to announce whether or not other countries are going to be hit with the delay.

Nintendo Gamecube Controller

Have you had your Christmas Wishes crushed by Nintendo? Or have you not bought into the pre-order extravaganza which has been stroking the girthy egos of the industry? Regardless, there is always 3rd party controllers, but don’t do that to yourself. It isn’t worth it.

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