To date, developer Hello Games have released five significant revisions for No Man’s Sky in the form of ‘The Abyss’, ‘Next’,  ‘Foundation’,  ‘Atlas Rises’, and ‘Path Finder’ updates. The add-ons have helped to diversify the minute-to-minute gameplay within the universe of No Man’s Sky and thanks to a recently released trailer; we now have a greater idea of what the latest update, ‘Visions’, will provide for all budding intergalactic explorers.

New Worlds: The ‘Visions’ update promises to greatly improve the variety and diversity of planet surfaces with millions of previously dead planets now teeming with alien life. Players can find mysterious artifacts on alien planets and collect them as mementos or display them as trophies in their planetary bases.

Bizarre New Creatures: ‘Visions’ will also introduce players to additional strange and curious creatures across its universe. This means that more predatory fauna and deadly flora including carnivorous trap plants wait to ensnare unsuspecting travelers whilst rewarding the cautious.

Global Community Missions: A new community research mission will allow players to share their progress as they work towards a common goal and unlock the mysterious Eye of the Korvax helmet, as well as other emotes and building parts.

No Mans Sky Screenshot

Perhaps most intriguing of all though is that ‘Visions’ will bring more variety to No Man’s Sky as the universe has become more alien, vibrant and exciting for players to explore. Players can indulge their inner archaeologist and explore the galaxy for planets containing the bones of ancient alien life forms and the remains of fallen satellites to salvage for parts, all whilst braving the game’s newer and harsher weather conditions.

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