One cool feature of the upcoming Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! is the ability to transfer Pokémon Go Pokémon to the new games.

On Monday, we ran a general list of Pokémon it would probably behoove you to transfer into the new games. However, there are some avid players on the n3 staff, and we had some specific ones we were looking forward to bringing to Kanto, too.

Angela – Vaporeon

“I still have the first Pokémon I evolved in Pokémon Go, a Vaporeon. He was really strong at the time, but now he isn’t very impressive. He’ll definitely pump up my Let’s Go! team, though!”

Josh – Charizard or Kamina Squirtle

“I like Charizard and Kamina Squirtle! The best Pokémon is Kamina Squirtle.”

(Note: Kamina Squirtle was available as a special event Pokémon. Its evolutions retain its trademark sunglasses!)

Spud – “Late Game Super-mons”

“Probably a bunch of late-game super-mons to fuck with everything. I am pissed my Alolan form Sandshrew’s stats are shite, though.”

Tom – Version-locked Pokémon

“It’s gotta be the Pokémon that are version locked!! The cool thing is you can now get the original 150 entirely by yourself! So my transfers will be based on which version I get. Also, I have three spare Mewtwo so definitely those psychic overlords.”

Aaron – Bulbasaur

“He’s my starter Pokémon and I’ve grown fond of the little guy. Sure, I haven’t played Pokémon Go in about a year, but I’ll definitely consider bringing him over! Either him or Ekans…”

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