Overwatch is getting another addition to its stacked roster, in the form of Hero 29, Ashe.

Everyone’s favorite hero-shooter, Overwatch announced another hero for their ever-expanding roster as part of the BlizzCon opening ceremony. Ashe the Deadlock Gang Leader, outlaw, and companion to McCree! Ashe is, alongside McCree, one of the four founders of the Deadlock Gang and has blazed a trail across Southwestern America, committing a string of heists and high-profile crimes, creating quite the name for the gang.

Ashe sports an impressive arsenal of high impact, high damage weapons. Her primary weapon, The Viper rifle, can be rapid fired from the hip or aimed for high precision, high powered headshots. Introducing yet another sniper to the game is a bold move but undoubtedly everyone’s going to flock to using her for the first couple weeks anyway.

Tossing a bundle of dynamite into the crowd and either waiting for the fuse to burn down or shooting the sticks will cause a devastating explosion, lighting any surviving targets on fire to deal damage over time. Useful for clearing out those pesky control points! Ashe can also unleash a powerful blast from her coach gun, creating a strong knockback effect (sadly lacking in “boop” sound effects) to either push enemies back or boost Ashe onto higher platforms and lay waste to escaping enemies.

B.O.B. is Ashe’s Omnic companion that can be called forth with a fully charged ult, throwing enemies into the air before proceeding to unleash a barrage of “suppressing” fire. B.O.B. seems a little out of place next to the hard-hit long-range range sharpshooter and will undoubtedly end up getting nerfed to high hell shortly after going live on the main game servers.

Overwatch Hero Ashe with B.O.B.

Ashe is one of the four Deadlock founders, alongside McCree, meaning that there are still two unknown and unnamed gunslingers. Whether or not these mysterious figures will be introduced at a later date is purely speculation, but it wouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

Ashe’s full character bio and move-set can be found here and you can watch the full trailer for Overwatch’s latest hero below:

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