Back in August former EA and DICE big shot Patrick Söderlund left his post and is already at the helm of a newly formed company. Armed to the teeth with buzzwords en masse the Swedish man of business already prophecizes a bright future for Embark Studios.

Cloud computing, advanced AI, streaming, big data. These are only some of the really impressive words Patrick Söderlund has on offer in a fresh press release, announcing the cooperation of Embark Studios and Nexon, the latter acting as publisher and investor for the former. A description of a specific game seems to be missing for the most part.

There is, however, talk of online gaming, specifically never before seen and “deeply immersive simulated realities” with “a group of veteran creators eager to move beyond current play experiences into the future.”.

But again, no game, lots of shallow investors speak. If Söderlund and his company are actually able to make it off the ground only time will tell.

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