Team Jolly Rodger has announced that their upcoming planetary battle game, Worbital, will now be launching in 2019.

After an extensive period of beta testing, the developers have revealed that due to certain issues in the later stages of the beta they’ve had to make the hard decision to delay the game to “early 2019”.

“The rescheduling has given us some new challenges, but primarily, new opportunities. The extra time will allow parts of the team to focus on new features and weapons, in addition to the planned necessary fixes and polish. You can consider these new features as a big bonus to reward you for your patience,” the team wrote in a Steam update.

There’s also word that there may be another beta in the not so distant future. Players are encouraged to head to the Team Jolly Rodger Discord to keep up to date with any updated and potential beta access.

Worbital has players taking control of their own orbiting planet building defenses and an arsenal of weapons to take down other planets in their solar system. With a campaign and multiplayer on the cards Worbital is shaping up to be a pretty great game and the delay will definitely be worth it in the end.

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