Nexon has announced that their upcoming RPG, Power Rangers All-Stars will be launching on Google Play and the App Store tomorrow (November 7, 2018).

Over the last week on the Power Rangers All-Stars Facebook page, developers Nexon, have been counting down to something special. As many had hoped, the countdown had been leading to the final release date for the action role-playing game and Power Rangers All-Stars is set to hit mobile devices on November 7, 2018.

Both characters and Megazords have been confirmed the classic Power Rangers series Mighty Morphin’, RPM, Mystic Force, S.P.D, Wild Force, Operation Overdrive, Megaforce, Samurai, Super Megaforce, and Dino Charge, with more on the way everybody’s favorite Rangers will be showing up eventually.

The only question is is it possible to have an entire team made up of different versions of Tommy Oliver? Check out the announcement trailer below and stay tuned to n3rdabl3 for all your Power Rangers news, reviews and rumours!

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