PUBG is set to hit PS4 in December if rumors and anonymous source confirmations are to be believed.

Since its launch on Game Preview in December 2017, PUBG Corp. has been pretty silent on when the battle royale game will be coming to PlayStation 4. Now, it seems like it’ll be landing in December for Sony’s system.

This news comes via Video game analyst Daniel Ahmad in a thread on ResetEra which has since been confirmed by several publications as true. This would make sense considering PUBG hit Xbox One in December last year and its exclusivity periods usually last a year.

PUBG’s looming PS4 launch has been rumored for a while now especially since the game has popped up on rating boards as well as via Sony’s own servers. Fingers crossed, eh?

In other PUBG-related news, the game is about to get its first set of themed skins in the form of The Joker and Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad. It’s a bit of an odd promotion, considering the movie launched a while ago now, and the second movie isn’t even in production yet.

Though, who doesn’t want to run around as Harley Quinn whilst trying not to get shot in the back of the head by someone using an aimbot?

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