PUBG Corp‘s three-month campaign to “Fix PUBG” has come to an end, the developer has revealed, and has come out of it with a better focus on what players want.

Back in August, PUBG Corp. announced the “Fix PUBG” campaign the naming of which was an attempt at irony by the company as comments on updates were flooded with messages to “fix PUBG”. The campaign was set to last for three months and had the developers working to fix many of the problems which have plagued the game since its “launch” last year.

Well, in a Steam Community post, Taeseok Jang, Executive Producer wrote that while they were committed to fix these “longstanding problems” during the three-month-long campaign more stability issues arose causing them to hold off on completing the campaign. So technically, PUBG hasn’t been fixed.

“We understand that timely communication with you is important and will always look for ways we can improve. I apologize to the players on behalf of the Dev team for the postponement until now, but while we’re a little late from the posted FIX PUBG schedule, we still feel it’s important to share the results of this campaign,” Taeseok wrote.

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The Steam Community post has a great deal of information on some of the improvements that have been made since the campaign started, and Taeseok added that they’re continuing to improve the title but this, in turn, may result in a reduced amount of new content coming to the game.

“Build stability and quality are now our most important value, and upon that base, we will build new Battle Royale gameplay and new content. At first, this is likely to slow down our build cadence, but as these processes become more proficient, we hope to provide new content as fast as before, while maintaining our new stability and quality-first goal. While we cannot say how long this will take, we promise you that we will give our best efforts to reach this stage as quickly as possible,” Taeseok added.

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