Sniper Elite developer and owner of the Judge Dredd IP, Rebellion, has opened a brand new film studio in Oxford.

Rebellion is no strangers to movie production having acquired Audiomotion in 2003 and helping produce the 2012 movie, Dredd (the company also owns the Judge Dredd IP). So it comes as no surprise that the studio has decided to open up a 220,000 square foot $100 million studio in Oxford. Hopefully, we’re getting a Strange Brigade movie!

The studio is set to already include sound stage areas and production offices with plenty more under construction with an estimated completion window of “early 2019”. The studios will be used to help Rebellion move into movie and TV show production such as a Judge Dredd TV series and the upcoming feature film Rogue Trooper.

“This studio purchase is incredibly exciting, not just for Rebellion but for the global film and television industry that is booming but in desperate need of further infrastructure to cope with the demands for new and engaging content,” said co-founder and CEO Jason Kingsley.

Rebellion's Strange Brigade Screenshot

“We know first-hand the creativity and talent here in the UK and this new studio will bring in projects from all over the world, offering opportunity and income to many people in the industry, as well as local companies and services. It also means there will be demand for more UK production and we can export more of our work globally.”

The studios won’t simply be for Rebellion to use either as they plan to hire out sound stages and production offices to various entertainment firms. The company also expects to create up to 500 new jobs for the UK’s film and television industry over the next few years.

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