Howdy cowpokes! It’s been a month to the day since Red Dead Redemption 2 graced our consoles, and by now most of us have probably at least seen the conclusion of Arthur Morgan’s story; or seen about a quarter of what this expansive game has to offer, in other words.

Well, prepare to fall even further behind in your completion targets, since it appears Red Dead 2’s online mode is set to be released TOMORROW.

Rockstar is expecting a somewhat turbulent launch to the service, similar to that of GTA 5‘s online mode half a decade ago (yes, really). As a result, the initial launch on Tuesday, November 27 will run as a beta, available only to players who own the Ultimate Edition of the game.

Following this, the mode will become open to those who played the game on its first day of release (October 26) the next day, Wednesday, November 28. As of Thursday, November 29, those who donned their six-shooters within three days of release will be able to posse up, before finally on Friday, November 30, the online world open to every player who owns a copy; even you latecomers.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Screenshot

Today’s announcement shed a little more light on the nature of the free update as well, revealing that players can form posses of up to eight players, or choose to roam the West alone in challenges of both competitive and co-operative nature within narratively driven missions.

As with the aforementioned GTA 5, Rockstar has promised constant updates to the online portion of Red Dead 2, meaning that as of tomorrow the game’s lifespan may well have been extended to occupy the other half of this decade. I, for one, cannot wait to be screaming “yeehaw!” down the mic at strangers for years to come.

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