Chilling Adventures of Sabrina may seem like a hit to most viewers but apparently not everyone is bewitched by this spooky take on the beloved comics. The Satanic Temple has reportedly announced their plans to sue Netflix for copyright, pertaining to the Baphomet statue in Sabrina’s School of Unseen Arts.

According to Lucien Greaves, spokesperson for The Satanic Temple, because the shows statue so closely resembles their own design (and is used as a direct symbol of Satan himself in the adapt,) their worries are about being misinterpreted. His argument is that if people take the show’s version of ‘worshiping the Dark Lord’ as what real-world Satanism looks like, it’ll shine a light on the Temple that just isn’t wanted.

One suggestion by Lucien Greaves was to simply CGI the statue next season. Netflix – or the team behind Sabrina itself – has yet to comment on the matter.

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