Prepare the cannons, me hearties — Rare have announced a brand new game mode for Sea of Thieves… and it’s all about PvP — pirate vs. pirate, if you will. The Arena is setting sail for an early 2019 launch so you better get your crew a’ hauling to prepare.

Announced at X018, this new competitive mode will test the grit of your crew as you battle head to head against rival crews in a frantic and action-packed battle; all in the pursuit glorious treasure. This new mode is best summed up as a distilled version of the games combat events — without all that pesky exploration, right?

The update itself is free, so harbors no fear of anyone plundering your booty. Along with this new gameplay format, this competitive update will include: a brand new trading company, the aptly named Sea Dogs, and a new tavern where you could, I don’t know… drink up me hearties yo ho!

This will be the games fifth free content update, and in case you can’t wait for this thrill ride to begin, you’ll be happy to know that the games fourth content update will be releasing later this month. Hopefully, that will ‘tide’ you over. (So many glorious puns to be had.)

Each new update renews players interest and keeps dedicated players on their toes, so if you’re without a dedicated crew of landlubbers to play with you’ll no doubt find a crew to heave and ho with. But really, we can’t wait to see what true sea fairing players make of it.

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Sea if Thieves is exclusively available on PC (Windows 10) and Xbox One, and is an Xbox Play Anywhere title on Xbox Game Pass.

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