Ys Net has posted a recent update over on the Shenmue 3 Kickstarter page to reveal the final total of crowdfunding for the game, and it’s not a small number.

It seems for the past 20 years players have wanted a Shenmue sequel so bad, that they’ve collectively pledged $7,179,510. This total comes from 81,087 backers. The updated total comes from adding the original $6.33 million raised during the main Kickstarter campaign and the rest raised from a “Slacker Backer” campaign held three years following the main campaign.

This final boost in cash likely came from SEGA re-releasing Shenmue 1 and Shenmue 2 on PlayStation 4 earlier this year. Though in our review, Josh was far from impressed. Though maybe if it was the full remaster rather than a port, it might have favored better.

Shenmue 3 is expected to launch on August 27, 2019.

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