Sea of Thieves is set to shroud its spoils with its latest update, now live on Xbox One and PC.

Hoist the anchor and trim the sails you scurvy bilge rats, new content is upon us! Prepare your peg-legs for the newest Sea of Thieves update — Shrouded Spoils. Now that’s how you name something! This newest content update is now live for all ship fairing scoundrels to plunder.

The tides have turned with this new update as it not only brings with it new and exciting features but is really set to flesh out any of the games more skeletal features… and more customization if your pirate’s personality is so inclined. With a shifted focus onto the environment and world of Sea of Thieves, it appears that Rare may be filling out the games other features before the launch of their new Arena Mode next year.

A thick fog has descended as the newest environmental hazard; it hangs low over the water in swirling clouds just waiting to befuddle all who are consumed within it… and it looks good too, which is a plus! There is no way of knowing what land or beast lurks out there… be careful fellow swashbucklers, you may just lose your way.

Sea of Thieves Screenshot

While the fog may be the main attraction to this update content-wise, it is not the only environmental hazard to benefit; not only has the Kraken gained some extra strength with this overhaul, but several more megalodon varieties are now lurking in the waters… pirating players will also now be rewarded handsomely upon defeating these watery foes.

Pillaging players should also be warned that it is not only the monsters of the deep that pose new threat, but those damned to ride the waves beyond death. The skeletal ships added back in July are now free to roam the ocean and pose a new danger to any unsuspecting crew who encounter these new and improved foes.

It is no exaggeration to say that this update is ripe with booty, and the treasure chest does runneth over, so for full details on Sea of Thieves’ newest update you can check out the official update notes here.

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