A minute-long preview for a game about a skateboarding robin (I think?) is setting the internet alight. I mean, why wouldn’t it? Meet Skatebird, from indie studio Glass Bottom, set for a “2019-ish” release on Steam for Linux, Mac, and PC.

I’d be willing to put good money on the claim that this is a project which worked from its title backward since it’s the kind of idea a bunch of college kids would spend a lunchtime laughing about, but that doesn’t detract from the solid gameplay this trailer premieres.

Obviously highly influenced by the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series (and self-professed in the game’s Steam Listing), Glass Bottom promises button-based gameplay, as opposed to the stick-gesture system popularised by games such as Skate.

Skatebird differentiates itself from its inspiration through scale, with players ollie-ing off of staplers and hole punches, flapping their wings to maintain air towards a gnarly grind on a pencil. Improving your dank skills will grow your following on the brilliantly-named “Tweeter“, expanding the in-game world as well as the feathered audience attending your park. What’s not to love?

Wet your beak and check out the Skatebird trailer here!

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