Sony seems to be taking a leaf out of Nintendo’s book, with a new patent for a gaming cartridge surfacing.

Video game and technological giant, Sony, may have plans to go retro and attempt to make cartridges en vogue again, thanks to a South Korean patent that was filed. Dutch website, Techtastic (translated), helped make the filing for an “electronic game cartridge,” public earlier this month.

A large round hole on one side and a port at the bottom of the other are the most distinguishing features of the alleged new system. It bears a significant resemblance to an earlier Sony product, the Toio, which was released in 2017 through their children’s toy platform. The cartridge is rumored to potentially have something to do with this.

Although Sony has focused most of their efforts on the PlayStation 4, the market for handhelds is especially viable after the release of the Nintendo Switch. The last Sony handheld, the PlayStation Vita, while capable, was not able to handle the “horsepower” of their titles, as opposed to Nintendo, making Sony’s reliance on strictly home consoles.

Sony Cartridge Patent Drawing

While it has been confirmed by Sony that something is in development, there isn’t a clear indication as to what it is exactly.

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